In 2005 Jean indexed two books on divorce for Nolo Press. She updates these indexes annually. To see the indexes for 2015, click below:


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​​Freelance indexer based in Riverside, California

Strong publishing background
​Latest professional indexing software (SKY Pro) used.
American Society for Indexing (ASI) member since 1998

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Professional Experience

indexempire Indexing Services Back of The Book Indexes Delivered By Email To Requester

Jean emails the completed index to the author for review. She makes requested changes until the author is satisfied and then sends the index to the press in the required format.

Quick Facts

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Interstate electronics corp.
  • Had total responsibility for editing, production, and publication of manuals, proposals, and other documents from the time they entered the Publications Department until they were produced, printed, and shipped 
  • ​​Met demanding deadlines and received numerous commendations for outstanding work
BS, education
university of central missouri
Jean's degree in education led to careers as an English teacher, technical writer, and indexer.

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March 1974 - June 1998
indexing training
  • Basic Indexing EDIT360: USDA Graduate School (June 1999)
  • Workshops sponsored by ASI SoCal Chapter (1998-2010)
  • ASI Webinar on Indexing Names (2015)

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​​​​IndexEmpire Indexing Services, which has been in business since 1998, creates superior, on-time back-of-the-book indexes for nonfiction books, including scholarly, biography, business, and political science.

Jean Middleton, professional indexer, writes the indexes. Rates are highly competitive with free same-day quote available. Email her today with your requirements. Her degree in education and English, her teaching experience, and her career as a production proposal editor, combined with extensive experience and training in indexing, have uniquely prepared Jean to meet your indexing needs.



IndexEmpire Indexing services
Freelance indexer
  • Creates superior, on-time back-of-the-book indexes for nonfiction books, including scholarly, biography, business, and political science at competitive rates
Jean F. Middleton
July 1998 - Present

Experienced Professional

BASED IN: Riverside, California
RATES: Competitive/Negotiable
SUBJECTS: Generalist (except for medical and science)